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About Us

High standards - Low prices

We are always ready to pick you up - 24/7

Pim Pattaya Taxi drivers are well-trained and high-caliber individuals that have been selected for their positive attitude and professionalism. We understand that they are the face of our company and therefore we invest heavily in finding and recruiting only the best ones available. We are proud of the work they do to keep our business moving and how they relate with our customers to maintain good relationships. On our part, we strive to treat them well to keep them happy so that they can be the best Pim Pattaya Taxi’s ambassadors possible.





Why Choose Pim Pattaya Taxi?

Here at Pim Pattaya Taxi, we believe that anything less than a pleasant service is unacceptable. We believe in convenience and understand that when you call for a taxi, you expect it to be there in a few minutes.

As such, we don’t take bookings unless we confirm that we will be there on time. We also know that when you book a transportation service, you want to travel in a clean and safe environment. Our vehicles are serviced and inspected regularly to ensure that your trip will be just that.



Tel : +66 81 170 7247

WhatsApp : +66 81 170 7247

Line : pimpattayataxi


Tel : +66 81 170 7247

WhatsApp : +66 81 170 7247

Line : pimpattayataxi